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    Hello Pretty,
    How are you doing there, I'm

    micheal from califonia, I'm
    Divorced and i have a son of

    8yrs..I'm 30yrs of age, I am a

    Civil Engineer,I
    Construct Roads and Bridges, I

    Came Accross your Profile and i

    was so Impressed,
    I will Love to chat with you

    and know more about you, Just

    that i am Looking for a nice,

    Caring, Lovely woman... I want
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    being trustworthy, Who will be

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    will love as well.. I am a

    simple Man, Honest,
    Kind, Caring, I Hate Lies,

    Cheating and not truthful, I am

    one woman Man.. You
    can Add me or
    IM me with
    woomicheal93@yahoo.com, I will

    be Looking forward to
    talk with you online..

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    comment cava

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    si tu mettre a la tête qu'on a un seigneur que nous regarde et si nous suivons le chemin de ce lumière de dieu soie sur qu'on a pas perdue l'espoir dons nôtres vie seulement il faux qu'on a suivre les conseil de nôtres dieu